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10 Facts About Thailand Tsunami

10 Facts About Thailand Tsunami

The tsunami that took place in Thailand on the 26th December 2004 was one of the most disastrous events in the region. Perhaps it would not be wrong to call this tsunami the disastrous and chaotic of all natural occurring in Thailand. When the tsunami broke out, it wasted a lot of lives as well as properties. Everything seemed damaged and broken after the tsunami. Houses were destroyed, people were killed. Even those who managed to survive are living a life of chaos and emptiness. There is so much they have been deprived of. Many governments including the Thailand government has invested a lot in order to provide homes and jobs to the victims of tsunami.


Although a lot of people found many details about this saddening incident, following are certain facts which might be new to the readers:


  • About 5,395 people were killed.


  • About 2,817 people went missing.


  • There were about 1,650 human bodies, which are still unidentified.


  • The tsunami hit the place over three times.


  • The third strike of the tsunami went on for about an hour causing the sea level to rise intensely.


  • The government of Thailand issues about 1.06 million USD for the tsunami relief.


  • More funds were allocated for the victims. About 31.75 million USD were granted to the victims of tsunami in Thailand.


  • About 7500 boats and ships were destroyed due to the high water rising during the tsunami strikes.


  • There were a lot of people on tourism at that time. A haunting number of tourists also lost their lives under the tsunami wrath. According to records, more than 120,000 tourists were killed because of the tsunami.


  • About 4,806 houses were almost complete shattered that could not be repaired.


The above mentioned facts and figures are haunting. It has been recorded that other governments have also put forward relief funds for all the victimized people. However, it is impossible for anyone to repay the people who lost their loved ones and relatives in the water strikes. We must join hands and save all the people who have been victims of similar incidents in the world.

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