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Best Water Sports In Nicaragua

Best Water Sports In Nicaragua

Water sports, such as surfing in Nicaragua, seem to be among the most popular activities with tourist and locals in this beautiful country. Listed below, are some of these activities you can enjoy while visiting Nicaragua.

Kayaking and Canoeing

The best place to start your kayak and canoe ride on the Rio Istian would be in the city of Merida. As you travel down the water jungle you can see wildlife such as howler monkeys, birds, caimans, and turtles. If you’re traveling all the way around the lake starting from Merida, prepare to be on the water for about four hours. When planning for this trip, keep in mind the time of year you travel. During the dry season, which is February to April, some of the waterways may be too shallow to ride through. In October, which is the rainy season the winds and rain will be too rough for this water sport.


The Corn Islands are great spots to snorkel and see marine wildlife. Due to the fact that the reef is so close to the ocean’s surface, you can see the same kind of fish that the scuba divers see. Sometimes, people can even see sting rays and sharks while snorkeling.

Scuba Diving

To go diving you have to get your PADI Open Water Certification which takes approximately four days to complete. Divers who already have their certification can do regular or specialty dives such as deep water dives and night dives. You can also go diving at both Big and Little Corn Island to explore the reefs, marine wildlife, and the underwater caves.


Nicaragua has many beaches to enjoy swimming, however Picnic Center Beach on Big Corn Island is a very popular location. The beach has turquoise blue water and golden sand. Another popular beach, Long Beach, is just as beautiful but the tides are a little rougher.


If you’re an experienced surfer, surfing in Nicaragua can be a great activity to take part in while vacationing here. The beaches are usually not crowded and only the beaches that are well known are a bit congested. The constant offshore winds that Nicaragua receives makes for great surfing conditions and sometimes you’ll even have great waves all day long. Another added bonus to surfing in Nicaragua would be the marine wildlife that you get to see while in the water. While riding the waves, you can see dolphins, turtles, and whales!+


Nicaragua has some good fish to catch both inshore and offshore. Their fishing season runs from April through November where you can catch mackerel, Sailfish, tuna, and more! Every year they hold two fishing tournaments, one in June and one in November where they compete for trophies and prizes.


So if you enjoy the great outdoors and love the water, how about giving one of these water sport activities a try? If traveling with family, most of these activities you can do with your children and create memories that will last for years to come.

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