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Cities to visit in Iowa

Cities to visit in Iowa

Iowa State of United States of America is a true heaven on the Earth. And a vacation in this State simply means a journey for lifetime. The most famous feature of this State is its warm hospitality that is typical in Midwestern area of US. Iowa has a tradition of deriving its personality from its people. You can enjoy the heritage here and also many thrilling events that are part of this scenic State in the USA.

Now if we are to see this State from the eyes of its cities then of course some will be ahead of others. So let us focus only on the best cities of Iowa State, which has all the cream attractions of Iowa State. Here are following three states:

  • Des Moines city – Most Populous City
  • Cedar Rapids city –  Linn County’s County Seat
  • Davenport city – Near Mississippi River

Des Moines City

Des Moines city of the Iowa State in the United States of America is the most populous. This city is the county seat of the Polk County. Even a little part of Des Moines overlaps the Warren County as well. This city has its name after a famous river known as the Des Moines River. The interesting story behind the name of Des Moines River is that it has been adopted from the French Rivere Des Moines, which literally means “River of the Monks”.  Des Monies is on number 88 in the whole United States of America in terms of population.

Cedar Rapids City

Cedar Rapids city of the Iowa State in the United States of America is the second largest in the state and also the county seat of the Linn County. This city owns the Cedar River and that is why it lies on both side of the river. Cedar Rapids was one of few cities to have governmental offices on Municipal Island but sadly, due to fatal flooding in 2008, the government had to change its headquarters.

If you have a chance of visiting this city, then you should not miss the old governmental headquarters on Municipal Island. It will be definitely a treat to see such a historic site.

Davenport City

Davenport city of the Iowa States in the United States of America is a beautiful city situated near the Mississippi river in the Scott County. Davenport is also the county seat of Scott County and it also has the honor of being the largest city in the Scott County. The name of Davenport city has a very interesting story. This city was founded by Mr. Antoine LeClaire, on 14 May 1836, but this city was named after his friend called George Davenport, who was a colonel in the Black Hawk War. Even there is a case going on about the population of this city in the court.

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