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Cities to Visit in Kentucky

Cities to Visit in Kentucky

Kentucky State in United States of America is officially known as the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It is situated in the Central region of the east south of the United States of America. Along with the Virginia, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts; Kentucky completes the commonwealth unit. It was basically part of Virginia and it was separated in 1792 to form the State of Kentucky.  If we compare Kentucky with other states in the US; it is on 26th position population wise among all fifty states of US. And Kentucky is the 37th extensive state in United States of America.


With such brilliant geography, it is impossible that Kentucky does not have equally brilliant tourist destinations. Here are its two most popular cities with respect to tourism:


        I.            Louisville city – it is not “Lewisville”

      II.            Lexington city – yet another tourist attraction

Louisville City

Louisville city of the Kentucky State in the United States of America is the most amazing place in the whole state. You can find many districts of this city full of attraction, sightseeing, nightlife, dine in areas and a lot more.

It is the largest city in the Kentucky state with a population of over a million people. The name of Louisville is also used in a very popular baseball league known as Louisville slugger.

A very interesting thing with the pronunciation of Louisville is that it is usually pronounced as “Lewisville”. However, “Lewisville” is wrong pronunciation; the correct pronunciation is “Looey-vil or Loouh-vuhl or even Lu-vul.”

Lexington City

Lexington city of the Kentucky State in the United States of America is yet another tourist delight. It has few world famous titles “Thoroughbred city” and “world’s capital of horses”. Lexington is considered as the Kentucky State. Lexington is on 10th position when it comes to the college education rate. And the most brilliant thing about this city is its 29.5 percent of residents have a Bachelor’s Degree. Lexington is the headquarter of Tempur-pedic International, Lexmark International and Big Ass Fans.

As far as tourism in the Lexington city is concerned, you can see many radiant and dazzling attractions. And you will be amazed to see luxurious hotels in this city.

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