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Club Lake Ahoy-Chesapeake

Club Lake Ahoy-Chesapeake

Club Lake Ahoy is the place located in Chesapeake, Virginia. It comes in the list of attractions of Chesapeake. It is basically a water park which is built over the lake which is made by humans. The sources of entertainment provided by this park are found to be dangerous according to the standards of today’s life.


The man-made lake in Club Lake Ahoy is considered as a very large swimming pool having sand on the bottom. The lake gets the water from the artesian well. Club Lake Ahoy offers a small beach also where pool tables are placed. There is also an availability of snack bar. For the purpose of entertaining the children, several video games are placed. There is a playground on the front part of the park where wooden see-saws and huge swing sets is offered.


Club Lake Ahoy is a park, which offers recreational facilities to the visitors. The man-made lake is equipped by Zip-cable rides over twenty feet high and has many high dive platforms which are found to be the unique feature and is not available in any other park of Chesapeake. Several sliding boards are available along with water jets at the upper side to make them extra fast. Different heights of these boards are also available. It’s your choice whether to go down by head or feet and float over the surface of lake water.


There are many cement platforms as well which help people in coming out of the water. People use these platforms for diving as well. The most famous slide of Club Lake Ahoy is merry-go-round ride; it contains the metal wheel in the center through which people increase the speed of it until they lose control and fall into the water.Club Lake Ahoy features a diving well, which is approximately 20 feet deep. The walls of this well are blue and it contains very high diving boards. The premises of this park also provide the facility of rest rooms and bath rooms. Lockers are also provided to the visitors on demand.

The entrance of Club Lake Ahoy is based on membership.





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