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Houston Zoo Texas

Houston Zoo Texas

The Houston Zoo is located on a land of 55-Acre in Herman Park, Houston, Texas, United States of America. The Zoo is the house of more than 6000 animals of more than 900 species, with an average 1.6 million visitor every year. Because of the huge amount of visitors the zoo stands in 7th place in most visited zoos in U.S and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) accredited the zoo.


Zoo has been operated by Houston Zoo Inc, a non-profit corporation since 2002. The home of the first zoo of the city was Sam Houston Park. Houston Zoo have a wide variety of animals to show that includes raccoons, black bear, capuchin monkeys, alligator pond, horned own and prairie dogs, that attracts visitors towards this great zoo.


There are a lot of enjoyment facilities for children’s as well as youngsters, Houston Zoo has many attractions inside itself that includes Wildlife Carousel, Amphibian and Reptile Building, separate children’s zoo, bird houses ( Bird Gardens, Duke Lake, Birds of the world and the house of tropical birds). Zoo is not finished here  some other excited facilities includes Wortham Primates World offer visitors a closer view of the most intelligent and fascinating creatures of the world, Habitat of Asian Elephant and Elizabeth N. & Herbert A Memorial Aquarium.


No doubt, the Houston Zoo is the best place to visit with family and friends. Parking is a big issue of the zoo if you want to get rid off to find a place to park then come to the zoo early in the morning you can also bring your own cold drinks.


The heat and humidity is really a killer but the management has done a great work, there are some air-conditioned areas in the zoo for you to cool off. Some of the areas of the park are still in under construction but overall there are still hundreds of animals for enjoyment. The best time to visit zoo is the early morning because it gives you plenty of time to take pictures of some of the best views of the park zoo park.

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