How To Make The Brand Popular Instantly On TikTok Marketing?

Businesses are wondering about using the TikTok for marketing; Flymesocial discovers the ways for business success on TikTok. The platform supports 15 seconds to a 1-minute duration video to make a post for any category. Every business is expecting to gain popularity as soon as possible when they begin marketing. Here are a few ways to make the brand famous in a short period, using the TikTok marketing campaign.

1. Go Paid Promotion

Making business promotion through organic methods can give a better response, but it takes some time. The paid advertising on the TikTok provide the best reach and increase traffic for your business website. It exclusively makes campaigning to cover huge audiences. TikTok offers many ad features to activate the paid promotion. The ads can be developed by yourself with customized content, and you can choose the audience to make ad placements. TikTok operates with the four types of advertisements, such as Native ads, Brand Takeovers, Branded Lenses, and Hashtag challenges. You can prefer the ad which fits your business and broadcast the ad to your target audience feed and another video session either before starting the video or after the video ends. As the ad duration is lesser, it has to be created worth watchable by adding qualitative content to prevent the audience from skipping the ad. You can promote the ads in other social media like YouTube and Facebook by paying to publish your video in the appropriate pages and related videos. Make your account name more catchy and unique to make memorable the audience visit your account. You can avail free tiktok likes pack from the market and boost your account. By going paid promotion, you can retarget the audience and get a high engagement rate, and customer retention will be possible.

2. Go with Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the preferable digital marketing strategy for all business growth. The influencers have their audience will listen to the comments, as stated by them. Influencer marketing helps in making the audience aware of your brand. There are many kinds of Influencer marketing, such as micro, macro, and other influencers vary with the audience range. The micro-influencer has an audience of 0 to 10000 that suits for the small business which starts marketing newly in the TikTok. It is different from the normal influencer and another category influencer as they hold huge followers. The influencer operations involve encouraging the followers about your product and emphasis to make a trail on it. It has been found that most of the customers purchase the product under the trust of their industry influencer words. So many big brands have made use of influencer marketing at various segments of their business exploration. The influencer has tie-up with small businesses and large industries, so they have a range of industry audiences.

So it is essential to pair up the right influencers to expand your brand reach and get more leads on the business. 

3. Go With Latest Trends

TikTok is all about entertainment and fun. The users expect the platform to deliver exciting videos for them. The brand marketing video cannot be created as fun as other commercial videos, but it must contain interesting facts about the brand and exciting elements to attract the audience. Your marketing medium in the platform has to be the ascent trend tool to reach the audience quickly and make them benefit by participating in it. Recently, the events and giveaways have been utilizing for marketing brands and attaining great results. The Hashtag challenge is the best tool for getting fame quickly. For making a hashtag challenge, the video must be developed fabulous with rich content to grab the audience and enjoy the challenge. The user will generate their content video and post on their wall using your branded hashtag. This will make many followers encounter the challenge, and your brand will be broadcasted in multiple dimensions using the follower’s video. This highly increases your brand reach and makes your video popular. The brands like Guess have been using this hashtag challenge and acquired thousands of followers for their brand. This approach is suitable to target the large level audience at a time. Utilizing the trends on TikTok to market, your brand will be assuringly possible to get maximum exposure on your brand activity.

The above three methods will assure in making the brand popular in a short span, preferably using the marketing approach correctly on the target audience. Consistent marketing through paid campaigns will increase the brand reach exponentially.

TikTok Conquers The Younger Generation As Its Target Users

TikTok is a short-form video sharing application highly popular among younger audiences. TikTok acts as a social media networking platform where users create and share funny videos covering a wide range of categories, from lip-synching to viral hashtag challenges to comedy skits. TikTok has over more than 1 billion downloads and an effective platform for Influencer marketing.

TikTok is at the speed of Generation Z’s fast, fun, and spontaneous activities. TikTok presents an alternative way for the social sharing of videos across several audiences globally. It is one of the fast-growing social media networking application which has over more than 500 million active users worldwide. TikTok allows users to record videos of 15 seconds with an inbuilt start-stop feature on the app. Users can create engaging videos with music, filters, and some other entertaining features.

The History Of TikTok

TikTok is a social media application that supports creating and sharing of short-form videos of 15 seconds long and also allows users to string four 15 seconds video into a 60-second video long. TikTok was initially launched as Douyin by Byte Dance, a Chinese company in the Chinese market. TikTok acquired the popular music application, which allows users to lip-sync to various music and song snippets.

Byte Dance merged and rebranded as a single social media application called TikTok all around the world via the Google Play and Apple stores. As a result of the integration, TikTok had smooth access in targeting U.S teenagers who belonged previously to TikTok is highly engaging, which lets users express themselves in a creative and fun way.

TikTok Attracts Teenagers

TikTok is a social media application that aims to capture and present the creativity, precious moments, knowledge, and skills of the world directly from the mobile phone. Users can create and encourages other users to share their expertise, passion, and creative expressions through a 15-second video. This technique makes TikTok highly competitive among various social media giants like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snap chat, and much more.

Any videos you upload on TikTok should encourage users in a fun and creative way. TikTok is sometimes amusing and sometimes cringe, but definitely an addictive platform. TikTok gained more number of downloads in just three years from its launch, where Instagram took almost six years. The other important fact that makes TikTok stand out of the competition is that TikTok is more of an entertaining platform instead of a lifestyle platform, which in turn, anyone can become the content provider with its simplicity of the application.

Interesting TikTok Statistics

To understand the popularity of TikTok, Let’s have a look at some of the essential statistics that every user need to know:

TikTok Usage Stats

TikTok was launched in 2016, and within three whole years, TikTok has exploded in popularity. TikTok currently has more than 800 million active users and enthusiastically welcomed by South Asian countries. It is interesting to note that more than 150 million active users are from the Chinese market.

TikTok Download Stats

TikTok is one of the world’s most downloaded applications, which has surpassed more than 1.5 billion downloads on the Google Play and Apple store. It figures that the app is likely to be the third popular non-gaming application and ranked ahead of social media giants like Facebook and Instagram.

TikTok Conquers Teens Of The World

TikTok is a highly popular and highly entertaining social media application when it comes to engaging with youngsters globally who use trollishly. The TikTok statistics prove that more than 40 percent of TikTok active users are Generation Z and Millennials, mostly aged between 16 and 24.

The app popularity is explained by the fact that the app developers decided to choose users under the age of 30 as their significant target audience from the very beginning of setting algorithm app creation. In this way, TikTok has understood the younger generation in a better way than the other giant social media platforms who avail free tiktok fans. TikTok has understood the habits and preferences of the younger generation that has helped them to create funny video social sharing that gives audiences what they are looking for.

TikTok is the only social media video-sharing application that allows users to create funny videos to express themselves by singing, dancing, performing stunts in a creative way. TikTok’s wide range of music collections, song snippets, and augmented reality features are the main backbones of generating so much hype among teenagers of the world.

Instagram Shoppable Posts: 7 Tips To Increase Product Sales

Instagram is a platform with more than one billion active users. According to a study, 130 million users tap on to the shoppable posts on Instagram every month. By another survey, 200 million users on Instagram visit at least one business account each day. These statistics show how the Instagram platform is enabling users to engage with the online market. Currently, Instagram has become the frontier for marketers to unlock the shopping desires of customers and also to uncover the new trends in shopping. To avail, the platform to increase product sales, the marketers need to think beyond providing the website link in the bio with a Call-To-Action. If you are looking for new methods to increase e-commerce sales, then you can’t ignore the fantastic Shoppable posts feature on Instagram. It allows the users to check out your tagged products along with the price. If the users like the products, they can also buy directly from the Instagram app itself.

If you are relying only on the site traffic for conversions or leads go with flymesocial, then you’ll not be able to have a lot of success in it. You will need to understand that people won’t be visiting your website every day, even if they were your regular customers. That’s why it is more significant to bring in your products or services into the engaging Instagram platform. You can gain various benefits through the Instagram shoppable post strategy.  

Instagram shoppable post doesn’t only mean posting the pictures of your products or services. To increase your product sales, you will need to make use of various features that enhance your shoppable post strategy. Here, in this article, we will discuss seven tips for shoppable posts to increase your product sales on Instagram.

Tips To Increase Your Product Sales On Instagram

Here are some tips that you will have to remember to implement in your Instagram shoppable posts. 

1. Tag Your Image/Carousel

If you post only the image of your product with the price and other details in your description, it may make your post look simple. But tagging the image or carousel is a great way to bring in more value to your product image. Make sure to tag each item by leaving spaces in between them, so that the users can navigate with ease without any confusion.

2. Tag Multiple Products

Tagging multiple products in an individual post will encourage your audience to explore your store. It also increases the utility of your post. Another benefit is that, when the user clicks on the single tagged item, the other tagged items display under ‘Also Featured’ title. Thus, tagging on multiple products, enhance the visibility of all your products that may even make the user browse or buy the products.

3. Cross- Check The Tags

Always make sure to tag items/products that are in your Facebook product catalog. If your products have similar names, make sure to tag the right one. The Shoppable posts are appealing because it directly takes you to the product page. Leading to a wrong item may annoy the user. So, always make sure to double-check your tagged products.

4. Utilize Descriptive Hashtags

Hashtags play a vital role in increasing your product’s visibility and reach. Make sure to use descriptive hashtags in your posts. It is because the users can follow the hashtags and easily reach your products. Before choosing a hashtag, research with the competitors and influencers and then add it to your post.

5. Use High-Quality Images/Videos

Visuals speak rather than words. Always remember to post high-quality images that are captivating and eye-catching to the users. It is because if your image doesn’t look great or go along your brand, the users won’t click on them.

6. Cross-Promote Your Instagram Store

On cross-promoting, you can increase your followers with free instagram followers as well as the shoppers too. You can run contents on other social media platforms by adding following your Instagram profile as a part of the contest. By doing it, you can make your Instagram account discoverable and help your followers to shop from your Instagram posts.

7. Try Something Unique

Don’t make your shoppable post look like a product catalog. Instead, show the creative side of your brand products. Showcase your products in exciting angles, unique ways, and also showcase how your products look on customers. On showcasing your products in a unique style, you can make the customers fall in love with your brand.


Instagram shoppable post is the best way to increase your product sales by making your brand products available for your followers. Make use of the above tips to build in higher engagement, which in turn boosts up your sales.

Why Do People Embrace TikTok?

Video-Dominant Application:

TikTok, the lip-synching application was rolled out in 2016 when social media was entirely under the control of Facebook and Instagram. Both jointly covered the majority of social media users globally. However, TikTok was introduced as a complete video-centric platform that has driven people towards it. Since it is a comprehensive video-centric platform, people are usually driven towards it. This is considered as one of the significant factors that have driven a large number of people towards TikTok. As the platform is filled with videos completely, it has given a new enchanting experience to the people. 

Captivating The People:

A countless number of videos one after the other has made people stick to this platform for a long time. Many especially youngsters buy tiktok followers and feel that they spend more time on TikTok then they have planned, almost every time they log in to this platform. This reflects how far this lip-synching application influences people. On the other hand, Facebook and Instagram had begun to lose their people to TikTok. One of the significant reasons noted for the transition is that both Facebook and Instagram are so naive that they did not expect a social application TikTok would emerge and drive people at a fast pace. Though both Facebook and Instagram had updated its platform at that time, marketers have opined that both the tech-giants should be a bit more conscious. 

One of the fundamental characteristics that have easily driven people towards TikTok is from the time it was introduced, the platform was filled with entertaining content. Whereas, on the other hand, Facebook was dealing with some globally serious issues regarding data filtering and the freedom of speech on its platform. Though Twitter was widely considered as the platform to know and discuss contemporary issues, Facebook had also begun to garner the same image. This has made Facebook more of a ‘serious’ social platform from being a significant entertainment platform. Subsequently, Generation Z and Millenials made a shift to TikTok as the platform was filled with comedy videos. The continuous flow of entertainment videos has captivated people to a greater extent as the platform gave exactly what they are expecting by satiating their expectations. 

Moreover, no other new platform was able to bring people together, as TikTok did. Notable, during its beginning times, to market its application among people, TikTok pumped in a massive sum of money into Facebook for promotion. Through this, it is evident that Facebook had regarded TikTok as one among the bunch of new applications that were rolled out at that time. Facebook didn’t expect that TikTok will emerge into its major competitor in the future. 

The Way TikTok Has Driven People:

Though research and statistics to date suggest that TikTok is commonly used by Generation Z and Millenials, in reality, many middle-aged people have also begun to use TikTok as they find the platform to be more intriguing. Thus, TikTok has the intrinsic skill of driving people from all the age groups.  Youngsters and teenagers buy tiktok likes who are the reason behind the increasing popularity of TikTok among middle-aged people. TikTok videos of youngsters with their mother or father or any of their aged family members have become viral. This has driven many middle-aged people into this platform due to the positive response they receive for their videos. Therefore, TikTok has got into the minds of people irrespective of the age and has made an irreplaceable mark. 

If we take a keen look into this platform, it induces the performer within every person which eventually maximizes their engagement with the platform with Trollishly tiktok likes. This is the point where TikTok differs from all other social applications. TikTok has become part of the lives of many people helping them to reinvent themselves. Thus the platform has brought changes in the lives of many people, thereby building a strong bond. Marketers have stated that TikTok will continue to rule for at least five more years. Following this, many brands have begun to spot ways to popularize their products on this platform. Whereas at the same time, there is a growing demand for influencers as influencer marketing has already started to get the pace. Marketers are on the hunt for influencers who have a wide reach on the lip-synching platform as they believe that influencers can be the appropriate channel to convey their brand message.